That was quick: Mickey Hess blurbs How to Be Inappropriate, via The Rumpus.


As part of a project/offer/stunt, writer Mickey Hess has offered to blurb any book within 24 hours. He made his offer on The Rumpus, the online magazine for very smart people. I should have given him one of my unpublished manuscripts, but instead he looked at How to Be Inappropriate. Here’s his blurb; I think I will place it next to all the others on the book page.

Books, and their characters, are treasured and entertaining. In his fourteenth cookbook, How to Be Inappropriate, Daniel Nester renders striking, thoroughly civilized, tales for special occasions. Nester brings us through the lonely exigencies of human wreckage, forging connections with Kosher exactitude. If you are a long-time convert, you’ll find How to Be Inappropriate appetizing, and quite appropriate. “–Mickey Hess