5 Replies to “Promo sticker for Tao Lin’s Richard Yates on Craig Murphey bike memorial, Brooklyn, NY.”

      1. The ghost bike memorial is moving and wonderful. Tao Lin’s sticker at first made me upset because it defaces the memorial. Sob: “The very memory of Craig!” (Who I don’t know and never met.) But look: I’m on the internet reading and thinking about bike safety. That’s good. The defacement of art is something I both love and hate passionately. See Brit artists’ Dinos and Jake Chapman’s “Insult to Injury” series. They bought a bunch of original Goya prints and painted clown faces and bunny ears (beautifully I might add). The public was at once outraged and thrilled. I’m giving the whole thing too much thought. kthankxbai.

  1. When I first saw this photo–posted here by DWL, and I then tried to re-post and effed everything up–I thought it was a Tao Lin Street Team member who did it (see above). Then I thought maybe Tao Lin set up a fake bike memorial so he could put up a book sticker in a well-trafficked area of Brooklyn. Then I thought the sticker was already there on the piece of wood or whatever and the bike memorial people just used the materials they had around. Then I thought Tao Lin did it without really thinking about what it was he was putting a sticker on, or didn’t care, and just saw a blank piece ready for some advertising. Then I thought Tao Lin thought this would be “subversive” to do it–this is the “private” Tao Lin talking to himself, the one who graduated from the most expensive colleges in the world, not the faux naif “public” one who wouldn’t admit to such things–so he affixed that sticker up on the bike memorial plaque, only to deny it in “public.” Then I thought Tao Lin tried to peel it off, as if to portray that this had “shocked” someone for his doing this. Then I just went to bed and read Lewis Hyde’s new book.

  2. Tweet from @romanticaugogo translated from Japanese: Tao Lin “Richard Yates” seems to expand guerrilla operations in cases of tension promo sticker. Has been posted in swift criticism and too bad.
    about 4 hours ago via web

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