Questionnaire from a college student I answered just now.

Good morning, how are you? My class is still working on the poetry research essay. If you don’t mind a need a little bit of information about you and your career to help me with my assignment. For example, why did you decide to become a poet?
I’ve written poetry ever since second grade, when I won second place in a contest (see right).
Where are you from?
Maple Shade, NJ. Exit 4, yo!
Do you have wife, kids?
Married 12 years — two girls, age 5 and 3.
Where did you study?
I went to Catholic school for 12 years, then Rutgers U in Camden, then NYU for my MFA degree.
What got you interested in Queen?
Listening to them growing up, at just the right time, when boys and girls can get chemically and emotionally attached to such things.
What do you like about Queen?
What’s not to like? I like how they do songs in just about every genre, the varied emotional impact of the songs, the breadth of their work. I like how all four members write songs.
Are you still a fan?
Oh totally it’s sad. Yes.
Did they influence you in any way?
I do think I am a lot more of a drama queen than I would be if I had listened to, say, Boston.
What is your favorite and least favorite poem in your God Save my Queen: A Tribute?
Least favorite might be one of the first ones from the first two albums where I am just trying to sound like John Ashbery meets Sharon Olds. Most favorite has to be Bohemian Rhapsody.
Why do you think poetry is a difficult category?
Because poets made it that way, and so did professors. Because if it wasn’t difficult, it might get out of people’s hands. Because sometimes it has to be difficult because life is difficult.
When did you start your writing?
Second grade, but more seriously in college. Poems mostly.
What additional source would be helpful to compare with your work?
When I was in college as an uptight English major, I really dug T.S. Eliot’s essay “Tradition and the Individual Talent.” I still do, but I remember being really empowered by it, if that makes sense. That and Sylvia Plath, Afaa Weaver, Sharon Olds, Robert Hayden‘s “Those Winter Sundays,” Allen Ginsberg, Prince’s Purple Rain, and the Poetry in Motion documentary.
I would appreciate any other helpful information you think can help me in my assignment. I apologize for any trouble and thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice day.
You too!
Take it easy and sorry I took so long! Can I post this on my blog? I’ll just refer to you as “Cindy”