Queenspotting: Freddie Mercury’s old New York apartment is up for sale.


Got $4 million? Freddie Mercury’s old New York pied-à-terre on Easy 58th Street is for sale!

Listing here, details here, here. Freddie’s first impressions of New York from an old Circus magazine interview here. Here’s an excerpt:

CIRCUS: Have you ever been to Queens, New York?

MERCURY: No, we’ve only been in New Your once. We stayed there a week and were playing every night. Why, what’s it like?

CIRCUS: A lot like Zanzibar. It’s very tropical, there are palm trees and lots of beaches. People swim a lot, play soccer and listen to Elvis Presley. What images did you have of New York?

MERCURY: It had a very hectic pace. I enjoyed it basically from the reception we got. People were telling us how vicious the city can be, but I enjoyed it. There’s so much to see, so it depends on how long you’re there for. The record company took us to all the obvious places to go, to all the restaurants, clubs and things. When we come back again, we’ll be looking for all the other places.