Photos from the last Bookslut reading.


Great fun last night.  Met the guy who has been doing the hosting, the dapperly names Charles Blackstone, since Jessa Crispin aka the Real Bookslut left for Berlin.  And of course the force of nature that is Kathleen Rooney, who read from her newest book, For You, For You I am Trilling These Songs, which I will order and buy and think you should, too. 

Saw the lovely Jenny Boully, who is teaching at Columbia College now. Re-met Jac Jemc, who had swung in with the Dollar Store Show last summer; she works at Women & Children First bookstore, which has copies of HTBI, complete with whoopee cushions!  I also signed a copy of HTBI at Quimby’s, and will be sending whoopees there, too.

Talked to a dude named Travis Nichols, whom I knew I met years ago, or at least shared emails.

Pictures above taken by from Kathleen Rooney’s website and I think taken Martin, Kathleen’s superhunky husband. See you tonight at the Book Cellar, Chicagoans.