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Daniel NesterI’m Daniel Nester.

Daniel Nester’s short bio, using customary, SEO-friendly third-person language, follows:

Daniel Nester is an essayist, freelance writer, poet, writing professor, erstwhile literary journal editor, reading series curator, and Queen superfan. He is the author most recently of Shader: 99 Notes on Car Washes, Making Out in Church, Grief, and Other Unlearnable Subjects. His other books include How to Be Inappropriate, and God Save My Queen I and II, and editor of The Incredible Sestina Anthology. He teaches writing at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.

In addition to my day job as a writing professor, I am also an erstwhile literary journal editor, reading series curator, and aspiring podcaster. I’m available for readings, workshops, tutoring, freelance assignments, and editing services.

By day, I’m a husband, dad, and Queen superfan. Not necessarily in that order.

Take a look around. Check out a portfolio of my latest projects, which is a great place to start.

Check out my books, the archive of past writing, and the blog. Enjoy yourself, and drop me a line.

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