Not exactly backwards masking, but still: messages in record run-off grooves.


This is great.  “Many bands or record labels write little messages that get pressed into the matrix (or run off groove) close to the center label of their vinyl records,” the writes the site Public Collectors.

If you’re really bored and you have records, you might notice little words and/or numbers written into the blank inner rings of a record.  Called the run-off groove, the chicken scratch is usually just a matrix number that identifies a particular pressing or mix. Check out a whole list of the stff–evidently The Smiths were really into this stuff–but here are our picks for the best.

Accüsed – “More Fun Than An Open Casket” Funeral (Combat)

Iron Maiden – “7th Son” (Capital)
Side A: blank
Side B: “If you don’t like it bollocks.”

The Minutemen – “Double Nickles On The Dime” (SST Records)
Side A: “Arena Rock Is The New Wave”
Side B: “Punk Rock Is The New Nostalgia”
Side C: “Dance Rock Is The New Pasture”
Side D: “Chump Rock Is The New Cool”

via SpeckSnyder

More stuff at Vinyl Remarks a whole site dedicated to this stuff. The Public Collector list doesn’t include the following from the super SST compilation The Blasting Concept; these took some effort:

Side A
Limeys don’t eat tofu, airhead! Can I tie my show now, Jack?
Side B
My love for a bowl of chili – Oi, mate! Would you be fancyin’ a cheese sandwich then?

Oh, and check out here.