Mancave bar conversion, part 2.


2012-12-02 19.36.02

Some mancave updates. I know some people hate that term, but whatever. We’re calling it the Dancave, actually, or really the Dadcave, since our oldest and her friend like to play the Wii downstairs and hang out and play bongos. Which is pretty much what I like to do there, too.

The newest acquisition was my first neon sign, and I am happy that it’s one of my grandpop’s old brands: Schmidt’s. I think I’ll have to get some concrete screws and mount it on the back wall for full effect, but for now its up on the corner, among my Flash Gordon poster collection.

2012-12-02 19.35.07

The bar has been given a front with a couple of doors. I trash-picked some bar stools and got a dorm fridge from one of our babysitters. That’s behind the bar. The couch that was on the left in the previous set of photos has been moved to the right to make way for a TV mounted on the wall. We’ve got the Wii on the other side of the wall.

2012-12-02 19.36.25

Electric is getting to be an issue. I have a couple of outlets, but this four-plug jobber is the workhorse one, and I’m starting to daisy-chain extension cords all around to accommodate for the light strings and other electrical knickknacks. Notice the wall-mounted rotary phone, which is hooked up, as well as the bottle opener, which has a catcher-thingy under it, out of view. And right to the left of the Schmidt’s sign is the speaker to a remote control doorbell, hooked up to our side entrance.

I don’t think I am going to get a MAME machine. I’m just going to take back some of the hand-me-down consoles I gave my nephews, set up some wine glass racks, and get a few more neon signs. My uncle has a line on a Löwenbräu neon sign, which will be nice.


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  1. Loving it, Schmidts was one of my dad’s beers. Schmidts, Schlitz and Schaeffer were his favs. There was a theme. I named one of my dogs Schaeffer in a sarcastic homage to my dad, since he didn’t like dogs, I figured I’d name after one of his fav beers.

    1. Oh man, if I could get a Schlitz and/or Schaeffer sign I’d be in bidness. It’s a better dog name than Old Milwaukee, I guess!

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