“Jacking-off poetry.”


American poetry is in a very bad state. Confessional poetry constitutes the bulk of published poetry, as if readers give a damn about someone’s messed-up sexuality or their childhood traumas. Then there’s the poetry of protest, usually someone complaining about how their special group is discriminated against–and this is poetry written by people who are usually college professors. And the other big category of poetry is jacking-off poetry, poetry that merely plays games with words, Gertrude Stein Light.

American fiction, on the big presses, is weak, self-enclosed and hermetic, unadventurous, and politically and socially safe. No chances are taken in form or content or language. Most of it is not worth reading. Might as well watch a good movie–you’d get more out of it.

Eric Miles Williamson in Huffington Post


8 Replies to ““Jacking-off poetry.””

  1. Thank god somebody is publicly speaking out against the jizz poems jerking with our language. Abturd and hummerjugs!

  2. This, to be honest, seems to be written by someone who has no idea what he’s talking about. Which is a shame because lit is in the dumps, and the reasons are complex and interesting, and totally dismissed by him. The main reasons, I suspect, have less to do with what’s being written (let’s face it, anything and everything is being written) and more to do with how a reader finds a certain book.

  3. Light is good, Gertrude Stein is good, words are good, playing games is good, jacking off is good: I fail to see the overall problem.

  4. Poppyroasts and rumpcocks, it’s what’s for dinner, America!

    I hope that wasn’t too hot for ya’ll, I know a lot of you have messed-up sexualities and I probably just inspired you to jack-off a poem.

  5. Apparently there’s so much to admire, all of it by dudes. Hm. I kinda want to slip some lady-reading into his stacks.

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