It’s about time: the Freddie& Brian& Roger& John. t-shirt.


I asked a couple of graphic designer friends to do this, but I think it was too simple for them. This design is inspired by these awesome shirts, which have inspired these multiple homage knock-offs.

I didn’t see a Queen one, which puzzled me. Here it my own attempt at the Queen homage graphic (link to large graphic).  Buy them from my CafePress store.

And if anyone has the skill set to make a graphic for black and colored shirts, I would so appreciate it.  I used, like, Paint to do this one. CafePress specs here.


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  1. Jim (my graphic designer husband) said what you did is as good as it gets, and that unfortunately, some letters just don’t work well with that particular design. He suggested, (gulp) changing the order of the names to improve your design. Hope this helps!

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