Introducing a new humor magazine: Kugelmass.


As if I didn’t have enough jobs already, I’ve taken on the joyous task or title of contributing editor at a new journal-magazine-publication-content provider-aggregator catnip center: it’s called Kugelmass. Here’s the description:

Ever see a void in the world and think the only way to fill it is to produce a bi-annual humor journal that will expose the masses to the finest and freshest of literary humor?

Well, so have we. And it is our pleasure to introduce Kugelmass, a bi-annual print journal created to publish ambitiously humorous stories and essays that are bigger, stronger, and faster than mere funniness.

You should submit–they use submishmash, which is a new player in the online submissions game, and has been discussed, in a way people in the HTMLGiant community can–has a few big names on the editorial board, as well as this small one.

As for my job there, I have self-identified  my job as asking around for funny women writers. As in humorous people who identify as female. Funny people with racks–and no, not man-boobies. No, scratch that last one.

Anyway, check out Kugelmass and submit.


3 Replies to “Introducing a new humor magazine: Kugelmass.”

  1. Mazel!

    I imagine you google imaging “man boobs” and the assessment process in which you determine the perfect man-boobies image for this post, like a sommelier.

  2. Well, I definitely approve of this development, even if there would be something oddly existential about submitting a piece of literary humor to them and getting rejected.

  3. Ice T should go all Woody Guthrie and get the words “THESE MOOBS KILL COPS” tatted across his chest.

    In related news, I will tuck my penis between my legs and submit something.

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