Inappropriate round-up: Bomb, Life Poetic, NBCC, whoopee, covers, wieners.

(That’s poet Geof Huth‘s daughter browsing a copy of How to Be Inappropriate in the Border’s bookstore near Madison Square Garden. Apparently she is a “goat,” a nickname I give film students in the book.)

Emily Nonko interviewed me in New York City awhile back; it was recently published at Bomb magazine; check it out.

I want to mention again two other interviews I did. One is with my old friend Sage Cohen for her zine Writing the Life Poetic?  Check it out here.  Her book, Writing the Life Poetic: An Invitation to Read and Write Poetry, is an excellent introduction to writing poems and thinking about poems in new ways.  Another is the one I did for the National Book Critics Circle blog’s Small Press Spotlight with Rigoberto Gonzalez.

The How to Be Inappropriate whoopee cushion was mentioned here on the Motivators Promotional Products company blog.  I wish they ran a picture with the actual customized printing, but they ran the one that ran with The Onion AV Club post instead.

This mention was sort of hard to find, but Jessica Downey from her All The Single Ladies blog at Chicago Now recommends HTBI for ladies to by their new-but-not-serious boyfriends. To which I say: awwwwww yeah.

Seattle’s The Stranger seems skeptical, at least in its listing, of the humorous nature of the book.  Allegedly.

Evidently I am reading with Michelle Tea for the Rumpus party event. Cool.

How to Be Inappropriate‘s finger wiener cover made some best-of lists in its own right.  Joseph Sullivan named it one of his favorite at The Book Design Review. An Italian Moleskine fan site picked up on the story and ran the cover. And Emily Temple at Flavorpill’s Flavorwire put it on a list of books that are notable because they have covers with body parts.