How to Be Inappropriate round-up: Popdose, Bookgasm, Book Design, Flavorwire, Barnes and Noble.


If you walk into the sales floor of your local Barnes and Noble store and look at the table labeled HUMOR, chances are you will see a stack of How to Be Inappropriates.

Go ahead. Pick it up. Rub your body on it.  Then buy it. The photo to your right is from a B&N in Boston, taken by poet January Gill O’Neil.

Guess what?  I have “a self-deprecating charm that makes his writing seem like he’s just hanging out with you, telling you a good story.” Scott Malchus at Popdose tells us so.

Over at Bookgasm: “This guy is intelligent and funny, and so is his book.”

The book cover is mentioned on a website called The Book Design Review.

And finally, Flavorwire excerpts from “Mooning: A Short Cultural History” the list of all 90 varieties of mooning and mooning experience, complete with a Periodical Table of Mooning and the mooning Olympic sticker from Inappropriate Headquarters.