How to Be Inappropriate round-up: New Yorker, Salinger, monkeys, Quimby’s, Chronogram,


The New Yorker blog reports on the Literary Death Match at the Bowery Poetry Club from a few weeks back. Another write-up from LDM’s own site here.

Why did I stay in New York?  Well, because I got married, for one.  That, and the friends.  At least for awhile.

For all you J.D. Salinger fans, here’s a blast from the past, from La Petite Zine: “My Ass Life in The West: The Catcher Transcripts,” which appear in extended form in How to Be Inappropriate. And that was the inspiration for one book cover mock-up, right.

As part of its short takes review section, Chronogram calls How to Be Inappropriate “dryly hilarious.”

A monkey poetry blog sorta likes my poetry book.

A photo of me hugging the book in Quimby’s in Chicago turned up on their blog. J’adore Quimby’s.

Here’s a tweet: “One participant created his own two-boner box, and checked it himself.” I can’t stop chuckling at How to be Inappropriate.”

Jeg vil på det varmeste anbefale boken “how to be inappropriate” av Daniel Nester. Do you know what that means?  It’s Norwegian for “I would most warmly recommend the book “How to be inappropriate” by Daniel Nester.”  Yeah.

And for all you people in England, English people, residents of the U.K., you will be able to buy How to Be Inappropriate in March.