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God Save My Queen: A Tribute

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God Save My Queen II: The Show Must Go On

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God Save My Queen: A Tribute and God Save My Queen II: The Show Must Go On are collections of experimental essay, memoir, prose poem, and music history on Daniel Nester’s life-long obsession with the rock band Queen, world famous in the 1970s for such songs as “We Will Rock You,” “We Are The Champions,” “Another One Bites The Dust,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Queen’s music is embedded in our public consciousness, in our sports stadiums, in TV commercials, and Wayne’s World.

In God Save My Queen I and II, a short essay or riff accompanies, in order of album and track, every song recorded by the band, in chronological order, until its flopped “disco” album, 1982’s Hot Space.

Part memoir, part prose poetry part rock book, Nester draws connections betwen everyone from Liza Minelli, Leni Riefenstahl, Billie Jean King, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury sharing a kiss in 1981, even a rant on Courtney Love’s giggling over Kurt Cobain’s mention of Freddie Mercury in his suicide note.

The entries for the songs add up to a love letter to a band, and a time when all that mattered was a record player and a pair of headphones.

Press and Praise

“I have to say: Nester NAILS it. Those of us who have been there … will most appreciate Nester’s two books.”—Gabriel Welsch, small spiral notebook

“I wonder what hardcore Queen fans will think of this … I hope they like it as much as I did.”—The Pursuit of Happiness’s Moe Berg, from a roundtable discussion in Bookninja with Peter Darbyshire and George Murray

“[A] book that both transcends genre and includes enough true, sometimes painfully honest, emotion to touch any reader.”—Peter Conners, Double Room

“Makes telling linkages … The effect is not to exhaust his subject, but to increase its mystery and thereby its magic.”—Tom Nissley, The Stranger

“[A] very funny blend of music biography and personal reflection which demonstrates that, if explained coherently and in sufficient detail, a fanatical obsession with a rock band can seem almost rational. Almost.”—Jesse Delaney, Philadelphia City Paper

These two books are absolutely fantastic … raises the profile of obsessive record collectors from nerd to artiste while simultaneously creating a genre of poetry where a new word for ultra-nerd needs to be created to describe the authorship. The first volume features one short poem for every track on every major Queen LP. As the book explores sexuality, humanity and vulnerability the lyrical text confusingly shifts from Nester’s personal biography to the exploits of Mercury and May in a haze of poetics where it doesn’t matter what or who he’s talking about. … To bring this point home the second volume is a track by track series of poems covering obscure Queen albums, solo work and hidden CD tracks, thus, even the fellow fans who were able to recall every Queen track and perhaps relate them to the poems in book one is left headscratching by this volume. These books are as beautiful as fat bottomed girls on bicycles.—Roctober

“Nester’s method considers a serious fan’s bliss impeccably … Nester’s best poems consider the homosexual allure of the band’s late singer, Freddie Mercury, describing Mercury’s gestures, phrasing and lifestyle with aplomb…vainglorious pomposity…”—Ken Tucker, The New York Times Book Review

“One of the more interesting personas I’ve seen emerge in recent prose.”—Sean Thomas Dougherty, American Book Review

“Note to those Readers who still want to believe in devotional verse; for those who seek a cure for a spirit sunk under undifferentiated elegance: Take [Daniel] Nester’s God Save My Queen and God Save My Queen II and Reader, write me in the morning.”—Ray McDaniel, Constant Critic