George Plimpton on Caddyshack.


My expectations, once low, were given a big boost after reading articles and essays on the subject. The film has been referred to as a “great movie,” and an “American anthem.” Wow! It’s also been suggested that half the country remembers lines from “Caddyshack,” that indeed many of them “speak ‘Caddyshack.’ ” I tested out this last on my friends and sure enough, almost all of them could quote lines that at the time, of course, made no sense to me. “It’s in the hole.” “Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy.” “Na-na-na-na-na.” “This isn’t Russia, is it?” They couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen the film. “You’ll love it – very funny. Wait ’til you see the Cinderella scene. You’ll die.” All this suggested that perhaps I was going to have a good time with “Caddyshack.” I even found a Web site on the Internet devoted to the film. It had a quiz page. Some of the questions: What word is on the back of Al’s boat? What brand of ball was Ty playing when he broke the window in the garage? Arcane stuff, to which soon I would be privy. I could hardly wait.

George Plimpton, “It’s Not in the Hole,” on Caddyshack