Found Poem: Comments to “Dogs in Halloween Costumes: No No No.”


Found Poem: Comments to “Dogs in Halloween Costumes: No No No”
Kristi Gustafson Barlette’s “On the Edge” blog, Albany Times Union, October 19, 2011

My mom has a dog that she dresses up, but nothing crazy. My friend used to put a bandana around her dog’s neck with his collar when we went to charity dog walks but he didn’t mind it at all. A lot of small dogs need to wear sweaters in the winter. I don’t see a difference. My fiance did a few years ago and put a “pumkin outfit” on our dog just for the night as we handed out candy. I have two purebred Yorkshire Terriers that we dress up sometimes on Halloween.  You get in a minor accident and your airbag goes off, Fido is crushed and you have a dead dog in your chest. Last year I did put Toby in a school bus costume for the Sloppy Kisses parade, so we could participate.  My puppers loves her little hot dog costume. And FYI I don’t fit into your above characteristics. A cone for a medical procedure is entirely different than a Halloween costume. Our dog has worn a set of reindeer antlers when we watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. My sister dresses up her cats. Once we tried to get him in an elf costume, but it didn’t work. He wore a tie once, and I think bunny ears at some point. This blog sounds like a forum to bully dog owners. My dog has a Bills jersey that she wears from time to time. My puppy loves her shark costume. She’s a little ankle-biter anyway. Some animals legitimately like wearing clothes. Casey, that’s what a dog bed is for. I think it depends on the dog. Dogs are domesticated animals but they have fur for a reason. They originated in the wild. Now, if your dog has a specific medical condition, that is different, but let’s face it, if you dress your dog, it’s for you, not the dog.  I do NOT fit any of your ridiculous, and to be honest insulting, stereotypes. I am very disappointed in this post.  My dogs are cute all the time and it bothers them not at all to have a costume put on them once a year. Actually, when I told my vet that it’s hard to get my dogs out the door in the morning in winter, she said even in cold weather all dogs should be walked, and recommended putting them in jackets. God did not create them. Humans domesticated them from wolves. Try searching “Dog Antlers” on Amazon–they have several options.

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