"Fetchin’ Bones wrote the blueprint for loud, metal-fueled, and female-led alternative groups."


That’s what Michael Sutton writes about Fetchin Bones, a super band. And he’s right. Here’s their Facebook page, their MySpace page, and that All Music Guide, which is a super primer. Here’s some videos.

I loved Fetchin’ Bones’ Monster, their last album. Imagine: a female singer with massive bluesy pipes backed by a band with big, metallic licks with a country flair. I would put Fetchin’ Bones alongside another southern fried alternative band with balls, Jason and The Scorchers (remember “White Lies”?), as so ahead of their time we haven’t really caught up with them yet. Fetchin’ Bones did a couple of reunion gigs a couple years ago. Here’s hoping they do it again.

Also a good read is Jeremy Richey’s “Fetchin Bones’ Will Have Their Revenge” post on Moon In The Gutter.