Corner of attic, before and after.


I keep forgetting we did a buttload of home improvement-type stuff over last spring and summer. Here, for your pleasure, is a before and after image of our attic office/guest room/library/dance party area. Click on this image to see a much larger version.

There was a 10-by-10 room built inside the attic when we got the house three years ago. It was a cool room, with a desk area and a double-sized bed, but it was way cold and hot in the winter and summer. So we had contractors put pink insulation stuff around it, which made things better somewhat. The attic and the roof, however, were still uninsulated, and we were losing a lot of our money through the top of our house.

Last summer, get got the attic completely gutted, room and all, which is the before image on your left. You can see a the framework of a new wall around the stair on the lower right of that photo, the slant of the roof. The pictures aren’t perfectly aligned, but in both, the one window and dormer is just off to the left of them. Then we got contractors to put drywall up and blow in cellulose insulation all around. They did a great job taping it all and leaving the beams exposed.

Against advice from everyone, we didn’t put a four-foot kickwall all around, preferring the walls to go all the way down to the two-foot-tall edge. I painted the whole area Sonic Sky blue, and we got our contractor to put in nice, real wood trim, some nice berbour rug, well-padded, and there you have it: an insulated attic.

The girls love to come up for a pre-bedtime dance party. Because of the rug and the insulation, the stereo sounds awesome up there, and you can really crank it. I brought up all my books from the basement and put it them all around the edge.

Which might explain why I just brought some of stuff up from the basement as well. I’m still trying to figure out where to put all the guitar gear on a permanent basis, but for now, it’s about rockin’ in the attic.