“Car Wash” feature in Burlington County Times, January 12, 1986.


My mom has been keeping this news clipping for 26 years, and I had not seen it until a couple weeks ago on a visit. Here’s a feature on Sunshine Wash ‘n Buff, where I worked part-time for some 5 years. You will notice, on the lower-left corner, a certain “Dan Nester” who is trying to “thaw his hands.”

My hair is awesome, of course.

I remember all those co-workers, who formed the core crew of people during the week. I worked Saturdays and Sundays and summers. The winter work was pretty brutal: we would put through 500 on up to 700-plus cars a day, and the line would go down Camden Avenue.


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  1. You worked so hard, Dan. It did build character for sure! And some great stories! I only wish you had had a trust fund from a rich relative and this kind of work would not have been necessary! xxx

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