Bisbee Yearbook/Annie Freefanny


One day dad gave me a guided tour of his Bisbee High School yearbook from 1965.

“There’s one of my old flames,” he says.

I looked at the picture: an average-looking girl, short, with a brunette beehive. There was a hint of cleavage below her collar line. When they were dating, he said, the girl’s father offered to pay for his college tuition–University of Arizona in Tucson–should they stay together after they graduate.

And I think to myself, How could you turn this offer down? Why didn’t you just stay with the beehive brunette?

“Oh, you mean Annie Freefanny?” my mom said to me when I tell her the story. “She was the easiest girl at Bisbee High. A real tramp. Your father told me about her when we were dating.”