A little post-bottle feeding pickmeup: WWRY fast in Montreal. Or is it Toronto?


A current thread on Queenzone.com discusses the newly released DVD/triple album/double CD/HD-DVD/digital single Queen Rock Montreal, formerly the VHS-DVD We Will Rock You, thusly: that, at around 3:22 in the above-embedded clip of the “fast” version of “We Will Rock You,” Freddie Mercury shouts out the word “Toronto!” after promising to ‘rock [them].’ Some say the utterance is merely “rock you,” which in slurred Freddie-ese may indeed sound like “Toronto,” in which case Freddie would be off the hook for shouting out the wrong city name in a two-concert engagement in Montreal specially set up for filming. He might be saying something else entirely; just phonemes, for example, Freddie-skats he does everywhere from “Under Pressure” to the “audience interaction” part of the show. Other people say they hear “Chicago.” The discussion rages on.