Shadercast Episode 18 Keytars and Open Mic No-No’s

It’s a mixed bag this time out, with a cold open featuring none other than Eric, the UrbanSurfer himself, interviewed out in the wild (i.e., a basement studio in North Jersey). I ask him about keytars that just popped into my head. Great interviews work that way sometimes. After that, we feature a 25-year-old field recording of speeches made at a union holiday party in midtown Manhattan. Then our centerpiece: a dramatic reading of “20 Things Not to Do at an Open Poetry Reading,” which originally ran on the Best American Poetry Blog back in November 2015 and was shared widely throughout the Poetryland universe. And, before you know it, the Shadercast episode is over, and you’ll have to go back to your regular, workaday lives, trying to forget how the American left couldn’t get it together to hold back a totalitarian fake-billionaire from being elected president. We’ll be back sooner, rather than later, to help you keep up your diligence to preserve our fragile republic.

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Shadercast Episode 18 Keytars and Open Mic No-No’s

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