Shadercast Episode 17 Lush Life

And we’re back. A good two months have passed, but Shadercast lives on. We have a fascist elected to be our next president, but stories still need to be told. Do they have to be my stories? Well, dear listeners, that’s all the stories I have. We open with your podcaster sharing Eagles small talk as scripted by a student to use on Thanksgiving. The other voice you hear is my uncle’s brother, Patrick, who seems to know what he’s hearing. After that, I vent spleen about the Orange-haired, numb-nutted president-elect and how working class voters have been taken into an eminence front. Next, we have a dramatic reading of “I’ll Lead a Live in Some Small Dive: A Christmas Eve Eve Story,” which ran in Philadelphia Weekly, formerly The Welcomat, in 2009. Listen for the Rod Stewart cameo and an outro from Johnny Hartman.

Listen using the link below, or listen and subscribe on SoundCloudStitcheriTunes, and lots of other places.

Shadercast Episode 17 Lush Life

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  1. Love hearing my son’s voice first thing in the morning! Happy you didn’t use my recording of my Ethel Merman song No Business Like Show Business! !! Lol You are my handsome and talented son. I love you so!! Mom

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