Shadercast Episode 1 Moby-Cocks

Our debut episode comes right out of the gate with recollections of trying to make sense of the Herman Melville classic when I was 20. This college tale involves  a lot phallic symbols, just in case that wasn’t clear.

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Shadercast Episode 1: Moby-Cocks


1 thought on “Shadercast Episode 1 Moby-Cocks

  1. I especially enjoyed your references to “Mr. Mull”, as I knew him when I was a student at UVa back in the ’60’s. He was always my most unforgettable teacher and I have always wondered whatever happened to him. What a character!! He had such a way with words. I was enthralled at his off-topic comments, which were manifest, as well as his keen interest in the cinema. One of our class requirements was to see certain select movies that he thought were important and pertinent to our course study. He also had a unique sense of humor, which, strangely enough, I got. I wish that I had been able to stay in touch with him. Do you know if he is still alive? I suspect he would be in his ’80’s now. If he is alive, would you have any means by which I could contact him? Thanks, Frank

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