“Second Thoughts on The Good Bad Boy” on NBCC’s Critical Mass.

f29409334c30ba2bb045b08df794The National Book Critics Circle has this great website called Critical Mass, and I’m thrilled to have an essay published there are part of their “Second Thoughts” series, where authors “write about books they’ve had reason to reassess over the years.”

My essay is adapted from a chapter in Shader on The Good Bad Boy, a book by a priest and published by a Catholic press, which I remember loving. I had a much different reaction to it, however, when I bought a copy 30-odd years later for research purposes. Read the whole thing here.

One semi-interesting sidenote: for a hot minute, I was going to call my book The Good Bad Boy, as sort of an homage. But after telling a couple people at a reading said they didn’t like it, and one of heckled me while I read, shouting things like “That’s a terrible title!” and “I do branding for [name of energy drink here], so I know!” I decided against it.


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