Small Press Distribution puts SHADER on its SPD Recommends List!


This was a pleasant surprise in the email today: the mighty Small Press Distribution lists Shader in its SPD Recommends list!

You’ve got the wonderful blurb from Paul Lisicky, the ISBN number, exact page count–it’s really happening, sexy people! Shader is coming out sooner than you may think or even want!

If you’re an indie-type person–and who isn’t these days, really–SPD is how you would order your copy of Shader online, or how you would assign the book in your class, or how, if you’re a lovely and talented bookseller, you would order copies to stock in your store. Do all three and it’s a win-win-win. Point being: when you work with the Berkeley-based juggernaut distributor of indie presses, you directly help people like 99: The Press, the publisher of Shader, as well as hundreds of other indie publishers and micropublishers who otherwise would have no distribution channels to get their works out into the world.

Shader’s release date is now less than a month away: November 15!

Here’s the direct link to SPD’s listing of Shader.

Other ordering information at the Shader page.

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