“In Search of Desiderata” at The Poetry Foundation.


“In Search of ‘Desiderata'” my essay on the Max Ehrmann classic poem, is now up on the Poetry Foundation website.

Read it here.

I did a lot of journalismy work for this one: interviews, a trip to Indiana. And a lot of online scouring for all the different iterations of a poem that has made its way through so many corners of popular culture.

Here’s a YouTube list of different readings and settings.

And here’s a Spotify playlist with different musical “Desiderata” set to music. It’s gonna start off funky and smooth, so be ready.

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  1. I enjoyed reading that bit of odd history. Thanks for obsessing over it. The part about him studying at Harvard with Santayana & Wm James made me wonder if he every crossed paths with Wallace Stevens.

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