“The Sound of Philadelphia Fades Out” in the New York Times.



“The Sound of Philadelphia Fades Out,” an article on the Philadelphia/South Jersey accent, was in the Sunday Review section of The New York Times yesterday. Yes, you read that right. Hopefully you weren’t completely freaked out reading about the beauty of yous guys and nuyce–which I had been spelling as youse guys and noice all these years–and instead enjoyed my meditation of an lamentations overthe absence in movies of the accent I share with millions of other Delaware Valley inhabitants.

Here’s the direct link, youse guys. Share it with yer frens. Ya nowe?

4 thoughts on ““The Sound of Philadelphia Fades Out” in the New York Times.

  1. You nailed it! But you might have included the word “tal” (that’s “towel” to the rest of the world ). I am from the land of “beach-tals” — Margate NJ, where the Philly accent is still going strong.

  2. I left Frankford / the Great Northeast at age 3 but the accent came with me. Awl my extended family adds an “L” to “house” so it comes our “halse” — (speaking of Silver Linings accent missteps, why did Blue Jasmine use NY accents for the San Francisco working class guys?)

  3. “Knew buddy” does a Philly accent like Danny De Vito. It’s very well studied.

  4. I like to tell people right up front that I’m from PHL, because it lowers expectations. I’ve been trying to get my accent back, at age 50, as a first time actor in LA. It had been expunged in the early 80’s when I heard my voice on the campus radio station. I sounded so stupid, I had to do something. Yea, all those movies with no accents is jive.

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