Raymond McDaniel’s God Save My Queen shout-out in Bomb.

FreddieTankSurprised and delighted to come upon this shout-out to the GSMQ books in Bomb. Raymond McDaniel is discussing Special Powers and Abilities, his new book from Coffee House Press, inspired in part by the The Legion of Super-Heroes. Just ordered my copy today.

BP When you said, “Every issue of the Legion of Super-Heroes is struggling to remediate the whole franchise, which is the best way to express loyalty to it,” it got me thinking that your book is also remediating and expressing loyalty in its own way. It then leads me to the question, what were the literary/poetic antecedents for Special Powers and Abilities? How did you see yourself interacting with those particular franchises?

RM In 2003 Daniel Nester published a book called God Save My Queen, which is really just a literary extrusion of his (justifiable) obsession with Queen. And then in 2004 he turned around and did it again with God Save My Queen II: The Show Must Go On. There are many things about these books that I love, but what I love most of all is that they even exist, that Nester just took this thing he adored and paid attention to it until it rendered forth, until his affection took shape. It was the devotional act that was so inspiring, not Queen itself, though Queen is as good a subject as any and better than most.

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