I wrote a poem-letter each day in August with David Kirschenbaum.

David Kirschenbaum of Boog City fame does these monthly collaborations with other writers, and last month he was kind enough to have me do it. We wrote poems to each other, like letters, each day. I haven’t written a poem a day, let alone something I would call a “poem,” in years, and so I am grateful to David for inviting me to take part.

Ours is called the August Project.

Check it out here.


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4 responses to “I wrote a poem-letter each day in August with David Kirschenbaum.

  1. Peter Bushyeager

    I enjoyed this collab! I also check out your site periodically because we have a weekend place in Kinderhook so it’s fun to read impressions of the Capital Region — an area I’m only partly connected to. I liked your Maple Shade piece. Maple Shade looms large in my memory because I had a dear friend — deceased years ago — who lived across from the town baseball field — you know, where they had the annual summer carnival. He was a wonderful cartoon artist who did elaborate equisite corpses. I’d drive over from Westmont, where I was living and we’d get blasted in his attic room, listen to music and he’d do art. What a great time.

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