“The Eighties: Bland Conservatism”: first column for Rutgers-Camden Gleaner, October 1, 1986.

I remember the first day I walked into the windowless Gleaner office in Rutgers-Camden that I’d found home. Coffee cups everywhere, paper airplanes. This was my frat. I pitched some ideas–I didn’t know the verb pitch, but that’s what I did–and set to task standing on a soapbox. This is the first one, entitled “The Eighties: Bland Conservatism”:

The punk outburst of 1977 , [sic] had the intention of laying waste to the establishment by replacing it with anarchy. The movement was either strangled by its radicalism or integrated into the mainstream. What is considered punk now is more culture-oriented rather than an outlook.

Eat your heart out Thomas Frank and Simon Reynolds!

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