“Late Night Thoughts on My Dead Thyroid,” in Defunct.

Really jazzed for my work to appear in Defunct, where so many of the cool kids’ work has been published over the years.

The idea behind Defunct is the writers have “interpreted ‘defunctness’ in their own often idiosyncratic ways and have brought back the dead, salvaged the past, revealed their obsessions as writers do.”

In my case, what’s defunct is my thyroid gland.

I talk about hypothyroidism, thyroids, Lydia Davis, the mind/body problem, a Famous Poet, and being middle class. The title is inspired by Lewis Thomasgreat essay, “Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler’s Ninth Symphony.”

Read the new issue with its spiffy design here; you can read my essay, “Late Night Thoughts on My Dead Thyroid,” here.

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