Listen to me read “Revising the Footlicker Story” on

Forgot to write about this when it happened and also when this new storytelling platform-social media-site-portal, broadcastr, went live, but here goes.

So I recorded “Revising the Footlicker Story” and another piece (“The Difference Between Chickens and Goats”) last December in the offices of Electric Literature. Both appear in Lost and Found: Stories from New York, which culls pieces from the super site Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.

And now ‘Footlicker’ is live and you can listen to it! Check it out here! Listen to other people’s things too, but listen to mine first!

This morning Thomas Beller tweeted that more than 3,000 people have listened to it. Presumably some of them enjoyed it. It’s collected in this book you might have heard of on this website. It’s called How to Be Inappropriate. You should buy a copy. It’s good.

I took a couple of shitty photos from the day I recorded it, too. So check them out here.



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