Seattle’s Three Imaginary Girls puts How to Be Inappropriate on its "Great reads of 2009" wishlist.

The title says it all. Three Imaginary Girls, a Seattle-based music and culture blog, says a lot of super nice things about How to Be Inappropriate, quoted here in full:

How To Be Inappropriate by Daniel Nester is my choice for humorous essay collection of the year, starring a writer unafraid to put himself in tawdry, humiliating positions to be able to personally describe them and the feelings created by them. Another sharp creative non-fiction release from Soft Skull, this is a breeze of a read, rhapsodizing on the Bon Jovi-made-famous “talk box” (think “Livin’ On A Prayer”), Christians who consciously adore their own kitsch, a “fartspotter’s guide to passings of the wind,” a query into the footlicking fetish and his wife’s hilariously inimical response to it, and what happened when Gene Simmons of KISS was interviewed by NPR’s Terry Gross (in the form of a robot), and the failure that was his own rock band, Fear Itself. There’s a lot of fucking up here, but keenly makes lemon-grenades out of lemon peelings, or something.

The missus loves her shout-out. Check out the rest of the post here.

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