How to Be Inappropriate Round-Up: Bookslut, Globe and Mail, Penthouse, Flavorwire

Jessa at Bookslut shouts out “Goodbye to All Them.” And yes, I do a great imitation of Jessa-as-Andy Rooney.

I never noticed Judith Taylor’s mention of How to Be Inappropriate on The Globe and Mail‘s In Other Words books blog. I think she builds up to my mention to tell us I am a lyrical flatulist.

People noticed that I enter the comment boxes at HTMLGIANT.  I’m not going to do that anymore, by the way.

MobyLives’ Dennis Johnson excerpts “Goodbye to All Them.”

UPDATE: I rounded up too soon.

The December 2009 Penthouse is out, with a short review of HTBI (pictured, right). Here’s the blurb extracted from that: “[T]he real fun lies in his take on such things as ApologetiX, a Christian rock parody band, and a fascinating profile of a professional videogamer. We’ll take Nester’s pop culture meanderings over his attempts at frat-boy humor any day.”

Speaking of frat-boy humor, Flavorwire excerpts “Mooning: A Short Cultural History” with a list of 90 Different Moons. It’s a fairly comprehensive list, including the “Inverted Fruit Cup” mentioned in the Penthouse review.  Sure, I “try very hard,” as Penthouse mentions.  But I am trying for you.

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