Just out: Queen The Illustrated Biography.

This listing has quietly sat on the OTHER CRAP page, but let me just say that another book came out this month–besides mine, I mean.

It’s a beautiful thing for Queen psycho nerd fans like myself. Queen: The Illustrated Biography, edited and written in large part by by Phil Sutcliffe, includes two short reviews written by yours truly–one for Queen’s 1989 album The Miracle, and a second on the Queen + Paul Rodgers Rock The Cosmos. I of course was psyched even to be asked to be part of it, and with a lot of really super rock writer types, as well as Slash, Tommy Lee, and some new stuff from the very underrated–at least these days–Billy Squier.

I heard from Georg Purvis, author of the essential Queen: Complete Works, whom I mention in one of my reviews.  He told me he digs the book. You can’t get a better endorsement than that, Queen fans.

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