Still more links and reactions to "Goodbye to All Them."

This should be the last of the press mentions for “Goodbye to All Them.”

Read the essay in question here on The Morning News.

I posted leftovers over the weekend on this website here.

At Touched by a Monkey, D’Ann Witkowski talks about my Poetry Bullshit Detector. And how our poems should get married but can’t.

Jacob Russell’s Barking Dog excerpts the Star Teacher #1 and #2 second lede.

Dallas-based Renegade Bus talks about Richard Florida’s book and calls me Captain Fantastic. Without the Captain title. Oh, and doesn’t call me fantastic.  Just “Goodbye to All Them.”

No Help For That offers the following observations:

Does it take some cheap shots at the “poetry community”?  Yes.  Does it make the “poetry community” look like a snively bunch? Yes.  But does he hit the nail on the head, as it were, about much of “poetry community” precedents and practices?  Yes.

I am not interested, though, in presenting an argument for or against this essay.  Bumping into this essay was a nice surprise for me right now.

I write poems.  I love poems.  I love the feeling I get when I am looking at the things around me and I notice the shining in them.  I love that that is something I can share.  And for what it’s worth, that it is something that will always be mine, no matter the “community.”

Didn’t catch Jason B. Jones’ link over at Bookslut until just now: “Being a poet in New York is a literary dream much like working in any other institution.”

Pirooz Kalayeh talks about my fandom of Oblique Strategies and tells me I should go on a hike and forget New York. I will take this under consideration.

Maybe I’ll add some more links when they arrive.

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