More links and reactions to “Goodbye to All Them.”

Read the essay in question here on The Morning News.

The New Yorker‘s Book Bench blog takes the most dramatic line of the piece as its link-off point.

The Poetry Foundation’s Poetry News precis uses an opportunity to dig at grad schools, of all things. Not sure if they got the point.

Harper’s blog quotes the Mexican dinner scene passage with the oblivious Eastern European Poet.

Bookninja excerpts a nice chunk, too.  They also call me “Dan Nester,” which I allow only a few people to call me in print. Canadians who call me their “favourite” with that classy Anglophiliac extra “u,” for example are allowed. Or people who give a nice shout-out to How to Be Inappropriate. In the case of Bookninja, it’s both.  So Dan Nester away.

The Millions sort of cuts to the chase of whether it was New York’s or my fault for the whole affair. To which I say: Stop, The Millions person. You’re making my brain hurt.

Poor Mojo’s Newswire includes a thumb of the Cedar Bar/Frank O’Hara picture that accompanies it over at The Morning News.


This link is my favorite. “Not my New York,” this blogger writes, “but I suspect this scene must exist.” Honey, you’re soaking in it. (See above.)

The Rumpus Blog quotes the Mexican dinner scene passage with the oblivious Eastern European Poet.

Jamie Berger, a writer who now co-runs The Rendezvous, a beautiful bar-bistro in Turners Fall, MA with other writers, offers a short account of his own writerly diaspora in The Valley Advocate.

4 thoughts on “More links and reactions to “Goodbye to All Them.”

  1. Ooops. Will be more careful in future. G

  2. Oh, I love when you call me Dan!

  3. How exactly am I "soaking in it," Daniel? I don't run a NYC-based literary journal. I don't put on a reading series in NYC. I don't maintain relationships with 100+ NYC poets. I'm assuming this is how one soaks.

  4. Brennen, I do believe living in New York as a poet qualifies as "soaking in it." That's all I meant. Now, I didn't even address that the notion that it's even possible to 'suspect' this kind of New York scene exists while taking part in it. Not running a reading series or journal does not exempt a New York poet from a scene in which on participates. It places one in the Attending and Submitters Auxiliary.

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