Links and reactions to "Goodbye to All Them."

Lots of love on the Facebook, and some lovely letters from friends old and new.  I am glad people are reading this–I worked really hard on it.  I cut out about half of the writing of this essay, which seemed like butchery at the time, but I think I did the right thing.  Maybe I will post the leftovers here on the site?  I even–gasp!–name names.

Living amid careerists is like living with tigers./Tigers rarely practice etiquette or love consistently.
WB Keckler

Gregg Rappleye gets the title sequence–Robert Graves, Didion, then shmucks like me–correct.

Not incidentally, Iowa product Eula Biss, who is not a shmuck, has a pretty darn good essay called “Goodbye to All That” in Notes From No Man’s Land. She tries to tackle why New York City in general is such a cruel place, whereas I just try to tackle why NYC poets are such cruel people.

Digital Emunction excerpts, as does The Awl. Comments on the latter are pretty funny and offer too much perspective, as Derek Smalls might say.

The Smooth-as-Silk Eduardo C. Corral excerpts, as does C. Dale Young, who mentions in his comments he can figure out one Star Teacher from the other Star Teacher.

Over on Twitter, re-tweets and messages from @maryps, @djdreilinger, @EZF_TopAuthors, @crystallyn, @lisaborders, @mikescalise, and the unstoppable @pankmagazine. Thanks for that.

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