Just up on Linebreak: my reading of Michelle Bitting’s "Mother’s Day Omen."

Linebreak is a great journal with one of those simple but elegantly executed ideas: Publish one poem at a time, and feature a reading of that poem read by another poet. Last year, an old poem of mine, “Stardust Memories,” got new life breathed into it with poet Amanda Auchter‘s reading it in a way I hadn’t thought about before.

When you get in the journal, part of the deal is to contribute those readings of other poets’ poems. Thing is, I had flaked for so long in getting it done that I was too embarrassed to even email them back. Then, in Chicago after a panel I was on, none other than Johnathon Williams, one of Linebreak‘s editors, introduces himself. We go up to his hotel room, set up a digital recorder, and I do readings of two poems. No big whoop. We were in bidness.

A couple days later, the first of the two readings I did, Michelle Bitting’s “Mother’s Day Omen,” appears the front page of the site. It’s a super poem. I am now going to check out Michelle Bitting‘s work.

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