PP/FF: an anthology.

PP/FF: An Anthology (Starcherone Books, edited by Peter Conners, forthcoming March 2006) will feature some of America’s most exciting writers currently exploring the margins between prose poetry, flash fiction, and related evolving forms.

From the editor’s introduction:

“I created PP/FF as a symbol rather than a word in the hopes of breaking down the restrictions of genre. I have no interest in creating new confinements. Rather, I would argue that strict adherence to given definitions of form and genre (pre-fabricated marketing boxes), are debilitating to a writer’s creativity and do a disservice to readers. Genre is easier to sell, to teach, to quantify and review, but what does it have to do with creating new art? The writing in this anthology resists definition and often challenges readers’ assumptions about genre, form, style, and content. It entertains, but also demands that questions be asked. Each piece creates its own rules.”

There are over 50 contributors to PP/FF: An Anthology, including:

Stuart Dybek, Kenneth Bernard, Joyelle McSweeney, Peter Markus, Diane Williams, George Looney, Jessica Treat, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Ander Monson, Kent Johnson, Jamey Dunham, Anthony Tognazzini, Kazim Ali, Kathleen McGookey, Brian Evenson, Noah Eli Gordon, Gary Lutz, Mark Tursi, Daryl Scroggins, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, Lydia Davis, Joanna Howard, Geoffrey Gatza, Elizabeth Robinson, G.C. Waldrep, Martha Ronk, Raymond Federman, Harold Jaffe, Gerry LaFemina, Peter Conners, Derek White, Brian Johnson, Christine Boyka Kluge, Arielle Greenberg, Dimitri Anastasopoulos, Alison Townsend, Ethan Paquin, Sherrie Flick, Kim Addonizio, Ted Pelton, Benjamin Paloff, Christina Milletti, Nickole Brown, Eula Biss, Aimee Parkison, Elizabeth Robinson, Nina Shope, Ed Taylor, Eleni Sikelianos, Thom Ward, Brian Clements, Cris Mazza, Stephen Ratcliff, Daniel Nester, Kirk Nesset, Christopher Kennedy, Jeff Parker, Laird Hunt, Tony Leuzzi, Sally Keith, Aimee Parkison, and, Pedro Ponce.

PP/FF: An Anthology will be available for purchase and for course adoption starting in April 2006. Starcherone Books are available nationally through Small Press Distribution and can also be purchased at the Starcherone Books web site.

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