“A Boy & His Dog-Poop,” on Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.

“A Boy & His Dog-Poop,” a memoir from my time in Williamsburg, is up on Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. [Warning: this story has some bad words and deals with scatalogical material.]

Here’s how the editors describe the piece on its Story of the Week email today:

The halcyon days of 1997 distinguish themselves for their stinky aroma and aggressively ill-mannered behavior in Daniel Nester’s hilarious remembrance of that January. The simultaneous occurrence of numerous unforeseen events–an apparent boycott of the local bodega by New York Times delivery personnel, the obstinance of lazy dog-walkers, and the apparition of a witch in an unmarked store–drive the author to superstition, but with little or no discernible effect on his routine.

A version of this piece is included in How to Be Inappropriate.

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