Come to An Incredible Sestina Reading at the Mass Poetry Festival on May 3!


There’s going to be An Incredible Sestina Reading at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, which takes place in Salem, MA on May 2-4. The readers/panelists will include myself, Michael Costello, Vincent D. Infante, Ravi Shankar, Peter Jay Shippy, and Jade Sylvan. We will read sestinas from The Incredible Sestina Anthology, some others, and hopefully people will write some sestinas right there on the spot. Because that’s how we spiral.

Our event takes place from 1:30pm-2:30pm, on Saturday, May 3, 2014, in the Peabody Essex Museum’s Bartlett Gallery.

An Incredible Sestina Anthology Reading!
1:30pm-2:30pm, May, 3 2014
Peabody Essex Museum, Bartlett Gallery

161 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970

Description: The sestina is one of the world’s oldest literary forms. It’s also one of the most tricked-out and wacky: six words appear at the end of 39 lines over the course of six, six-line stanzas and a three-line finale. Since it was invented 700 years ago, people keep writing them. Why? Because of the challenge it presents poets to experiment with a six-pack of words and a spiral-based secret code hidden inside. Join us as contributors from The Incredible Sestina Anthology (Write Bloody 2013) read their contributions to the first ever book to collect examples of this mysterious and malleable form that has grown more popular, even trendy, in modern times. Poets will also read another piece by a different author in the anthology. Hosted by Daniel Nester.
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It took us a lot of work – at least it took January O’Neil and our interns a lot of work! And it will take you one more step than it took you last year if you signed up for the Festival. You will have

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Miriam’s family portraits






Bonus: The grandparents!





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Send Your Work to Pine Hills Review!

EPSON MFP imageWe’ve started up a new online literary journal at The College of Saint Rose, where I’ve taught for some time. It’s sprung out of our new MFA in creative writing program and will involve MA English literature as well as undergrad English majors as well. This is the first time I’ve ever been the editor of a college-affiliated magazine. Painted Bride Quarterly, when I started editing journals more than 20 years ago, was still an indie homespun thing, with only a mail slot at The Painted Bride Arts Center to give it any kind of institutional umph. Other than that it was mailbags in people’s apartments across the Philly area. Then La Petite Zine, which was a Web Del Sol-owned thing, and then McSweeney’s Sestinas and Unpleasant Event Schedule. I’ve been on a journal-editing hiatus for a couple years now, and I’m glad to be back and with a group of editors, rather than just me and a laptop.

Pine Hills Review is an online journal that will publish work on a weekly basis, once we’re up and running. I love recently closed Linebreak and Booth, among many places, that feature one small issue at a time. In many ways it’s more honest than having issue collections, and it allows more attention on one thing.

All of this is to say: if you’re a writer, send your work.

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Just out in the New York Times: The Sound of Philadelphia Fades Out



“The Sound of Philadelphia Fades Out,” an article on the Philadelphia/South Jersey accent, was in the Sunday Review section of The New York Times yesterday. Yes, you read that right. Hopefully you weren’t completely freaked out reading about the beauty of yous guys and nuyce–which I had been spelling as youse guys and noice all these years–and instead enjoyed my meditation of an lamentations overthe absence in movies of the accent I share with millions of other Delaware Valley inhabitants.

Here’s the direct link, youse guys. Share it with yer frens. Ya nowe?


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Your official #AWP14 bingo card



February 23, 2014 · 10:50 pm

Tonight in New York City: Sestinas at NYU!

NYU FlyerThe Incredible Sestina Anthology tour comes to NYU!


It’s all going down tonight, February 19, at the NYU Bookstore!

The NYU Bookstore is located on 726 Broadway, in New York, New York 10003!

They made a flyer and everything!

Come promptly at 6pm! Or come later!

Hosted by me, Daniel Nester!

With readings from Paul Muldoon, Scott Edward Anderson, Patricia Carlin, Sharon Mesmer, Drew Garnder, Victor D. Infante, Jason Schneiderman, Carley Moore,and special guests!

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Monday, February 10: The Incredible Sestina Anthology tour comes to Cambridge!

Flyers General Blank

The readings so far have been pretty incredible–we’ll be posting photos and maybe a video or two at the Best American Poetry Blog in the days to come. These are truly one-of-a-kind readings–believe you me, all-sestina readings don’t happen too often.

Monday, February, 10 2014 | 7pm
The Incredible Sestina Anthology comes to Cambridge, MA!
Meg Kearney, Michael Costello, Stephen Burt, Ravi Shankar, Jade Sylvan, Ethan Paquin, and others TBA
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Facebook event page

And if you’re not in Boston-Cambridge-Brookline-outlying areas of Beantown, we’re coming back to New York City for the NYU Bookstore on February 19, and Chicago’s Book Cellar on February 21. And then we come descend upon Seattle at LUCID Lounge on February 27. If these links do not work, then go over to the Events page at


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